Securit Liquid Chalk Marker

liquid Chalk Markers Securit® liquid chalk marker is the most inexpensive personal touch com-munication method. With a wide range of sizes and colours, there is no limit tocreating text and images. Simply shake, push and write! Allow a few mi-

All Securit® chalk boards are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and include one white small liquid chalk marker. G. Vermes bv. | Katernstraat 1 | 1321 NC Almere, Netherlands | Tel : +31 (0) 36 5313554 |

Includes one liquid chalk marker. 22 T ABLE SILHOUETTE MINI 22 Maximum size 10×12 cm Pack of 3 boards. Securit® liquid chalk markers are the most inexpensive per-sonal touch communication method. With a wide range of sizes and colours,

Shaped chalk boards including one white liquid chalk marker. Wall mounting hook and loop adhesive strips included so the board can be easily removed/replaced on the wall.


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Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid, 30-oz. Proctor Silex & Family Chef Appiances As Seen on TV Dishcloths Q-See All-In-One Securit System w/ 10″ LCD Monitor/8-Channel H.264 DVR, 500GB HDD, Splat Hair Chalk Splat Washables Hair Color Studio 35 Beauty Curling Iron

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COMMONLY USED COMMODITY CODES IN APECS Category Class Description 050 59 Art Paper, Various Types 050 40 Drawing and Painting Art Supplies: Brushes, Canvas, Chalk, Colors (Acrylic, Oil, Water, etc.), Crayons, Palettes, Paper and

Dustless Chalk Kores / Ashoka 3. Candle Big Size Standard Size 4. Thread Ball (Red/YellowlWhite) Marker Pen (‘l1cr – ‘l1RT) Kores 45. Flag/Fly Leaf Three Colour 46. Lock 40 N.M. Small Parker Liquid Handwash 79. GoodNight Advance/ Allout Machine with liquid 80. Odonil 81. Fax Roll 82. Acid

24 Ammonia Liquid (bottle of 750 ml) Rs.80.00 each 52 Permanent marker Real One Thick tip Rs.13.00 each (converted to Security Deposit) amounting to Rs.10,000/- pledged in favour of Comptroller, UH&F, Nauni, Solan (HP) will

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