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Chalk sticks traditionally used in writing on chalkboards are quickly disappearing all thanks to a new kid on the block, chalk markers. The older folk may be forgiven for holding the traditional chalk sticks close to heart. After all, it has been the dominant form of writing in classrooms and lecture halls all across the world. However, for the newer generation, chalk markers are the way to go. These markers have come by because of new research and developments. Chalk markers offer numerous benefits when compared to their dusty old predecessors.

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Benefits Of Chalk Markers

1.No More Dust

The most glaring problem associated with the traditional chalk sticks is the high levels of dust associated with their use. The fine dust they produce lingers in the air for a long time and poses a real danger to both human health and the lifespan of electric devices. This dust has the potential to trigger or exacerbate respiratory illnesses and problems such as allergies, tuberculosis, and asthma. Just the cleaning necessitated by use of chalk sticks is a burden on its own without even mentioning the smearing it does on the clothes and hands of the user.

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2.Enhanced Clarity

Chalk markers produce better quality writing than traditional chalk sticks do. Chalk markers offer better quality in terms of smooth definition, solid coloring, and simplicity. They produce writing that is easy to read even from fairly further distances owing to the wide range of fluorescent colors. This means that even people with visual challenges can easily view the text written using these markers. Their bold writing makes them ideal for writing restaurant menus since they are not only attractive to clients but also can be read from far.


Traditional chalk sticks suffered from unfortunate weaknesses such as breaking upon application of slight pressure or from a simple fall. The chalk marker does not suffer from such shortcomings. Chalk markers also feature ergonomic design making handling them easy and making writing using them easy and smooth without having to strain your wrist joint.

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These markers have the ability to write on nearly any type of surface including the slippery ones. This allows for flexibility in terms of the type of boards that you can use them on. It is also easy to carry them around in your pocket since they never stain clothing or leave a trail of dust behind.

5.Not Harsh On Board Surface

Traditional chalk sticks of whatever type act as an abrasive thereby causing scratches on the board and damaging its appearance. Chalk markers on the other hand do not cause damage to chalkboards thereby making them last longer while still retaining their smooth appearance.

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6.Safe To Use

Chalk markers are safe for all to use including children. They are toxic-free and are water-based. This means that you can easily wipe them off the board or your skin with no harmful effects unlike the traditional chalk sticks. This is why many schools, restaurants, offices, and stores prefer these markers to traditional chalk sticks.

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7.Longer Lasting

Chalk markers typically last longer on boards than traditional chalk sticks. The reason for this is quite simple. Chalk markers use ink to write and that is why they are able to stay on for much longer than traditional chalk sticks. This provides a great benefit in terms of creating announcements and signage boards since you do not have to retouch your writings every so often. What you write using these markers stays on until you clean it up using an eraser or wet cloth. They are quite easy to clean leaving no traces behind that you can write on the board again just as if it is new.

8.Range Of Colors

Chalk markers come in a wide assortment of fluorescent colors. You will always find a color that you can use. This can range from the brightest of colors to something less colorful. You can choose to use any combination to get the esthetic results you desire.

Finally, if you are new to using this type of markers, here are some tips to help you use your marker efficiently and for much longer. First, whenever you are not using your chalk marker always store it flat to ensure that the tips always stays moist. Sometimes after use continuously, the marker’s nib can get dry and sketchy. In case this happens, just press the marker’s tip on a sheet of paper for several seconds and it will start to work again.

In conclusion, this article has been a discussion about the numerous benefits that chalk markers offer over traditional chalk sticks. If you have not started using them or if you did not know that they exist then you are now knowledgeable. All that is left is for you to start using them. You will not regret your decision.

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